History man: an interview with author John Warham

Thornham Village Hall

History man: an interview with John Warham

Nov 2015


John Warham is a bit of a local celebrity in Thornham. Author of local histories Thornham Then and Now and Thornham: A Photographic History of a Norfolk Village, John has lived in the village for the past 15 years and has immersed himself in life on this stretch of the Norfolk coast. We chat to him about all things Thornham, particularly the Village Hall.


Traditional Pie Evening 20th November

Leighs Bees
Traditional Pie Evening
Friday 20th November




The Pie’s the limit

As Thornham Deli gears up for its Pie Evening on Friday 20 November, we cast an eye over the cultural and culinary history behind the humble pie.

Certainly pies are nothing new. As far back as 2500BC, Egyptians were tucking into their own version of a sweet pie, which comprised ground oats or wheat wrapped around a honey filling. In other parts of the Middle East the first chicken pies were being enjoyed by the Sumerians and in Greece, which was always ahead of its time, a flour and water pie was making its way onto the menus of early Greek tavernas.