You know where to get your picnic hampers!

Picnic Hampers at Thornham Del
It’s picnic time along the coast and you know where to get your picnic hampers! May 2016

The team here at Thornham Deli are passionate about food, whether that is food served in the restaurant or food that you take away for al fresco dining. Our lovely picnic hampers are made to order, everything is freshly made and the range of goodies is unbelievable.

A homage to Asparagus

A Homage to Asapragus at Thornham Deli
A Homage to Asparagus May 2016
   A Homage to Asparagus at Thornham Deli
There is no doubt, not all vegetables are created equal. To us, asparagus is the king of the vegetables. There is no other vegetable that sums up the importance of seasonality better than asparagus. These days you can buy asparagus all year round in the supermarkets – shipped in from South America, from the warmer parts of Europe – if you wanted to, you could eat it all year round.