Our corner of the UK is all about locally-sourced, high quality and independent products. This applies equally to food, drink, lifestyle products and living accessories.

The wonderful selection of Samphire products range from food made on-site in the deli to home ware, kitchen and garden products that will add a quality of uniqueness to your home. From candles, lighting and cushions through to moisturisers and soaps and cheeses, cakes and sauces – Samphire epitomises all that is good about Norfolk living.



Norfolk food and drink is all about seasonality. 

This is particularly true when it comes to seafood. Lobsters, crabs, oysters and, of course, the beautiful samphire – there is no need for adjectives, if you have tasted the freshest produce, straight from the  the sea, then you will know what we are eulogising about. 

Here at the Deli, if it is in season, we will stock it. And if it is in season, we will cook with it. So, whether you are looking for food to cook at home, ingredients for a picnic or just fancy a meal out, then come and source your local seafood produce from a store that champions all that is great about the Norfolk coastline.



What's on your shopping list today?

Whether you are after essentials, such as bread, cheese, milk or the daily paper; something for the home such as a picture frame or a rug; or a gift for a friend, Thornham Deli has a huge range to choose from.

The aim of the Deli is to provide a service for locals and visitors alike. So owners Jeanne Whittome and Janie Thompson have listened to their customers' views and stocked their shop accordingly. The result? A range of food, drink and house-hold products, mostly sourced from local producers, that demonstrate a commitment to customers and suppliers alike.


  Daily essentials at Thornham Delifresh flowers at Thornham Deli