Celebrating the Best of British

Cooking up a feast
Celebrating the best of British April 2016

With St George's Day falling on 23rd April, what better way to celebrate great British cuisine than a supper devoted to all that is good about British produce.

On 22 April, Thornham Deli is hosting a British Cuisine evening, where chef Gemma Arnold and her team will be putting on a smorgasbord of goodies for guests to enjoy.

Cooking Up a Feast

Cooking up a feast
Cooking Up a Feast April 2016
   Thornham Deli Chef Jemma

Thornham Deli's super-chef Gemma is all set to become a Norfolk culinary legend as she will feature in the latest 'foodie' book – Norfolk Table: One County, Twenty Chefs, which will be published in September 2016.

While there will be no spoilers here revealing what Gemma cooked as her 'signature dish,' we are able to reveal one or two snippets from the interview that may surprise you about the ebullient chef.


Asceno launches Rolling Stone Pyjamas

Aceno Rolling Stone Pyjamas
Rolling Stones & Asceno Fashion April 2016
   Asceno-Rolling Stones pyjamas

For people of a certain generation, it will seem like a step back in time, for another generation, this is the new 'grey-cool'. Wherever you sit on the age-spectrum, you cannot fail to have noticed that the Stones are back in town. Mick and his mates have just launched a new show at the Saatchi Gallery in London and are currently mid-way through a tour of Latin and South America.

And, if there was ever any doubt that Thornham Deli is ahead of the curve when it comes to cool and contemporary, then the fact that we stock lingerie and loungewear from London fashion label Asceno proves a point.


Meet the people who make it happen

Meet the people who make it happen

APR 2015

Gemma Arnold at thornham deli


Gemma Arnold rules the roost in the Thornham Deli kitchen, and it is easy to see why. She is ambitious about the Deli, passionate about local produce and built from the same mould of capable, energetic women that has made the Jeanne Whittome/Janie Thompson partnership so successful.