It’s all about team work for Iain

The sous chef is Executive Head Chef Gemma’s right-hand man, supporting all the day-to-day operations in the kitchen and the demands of the outside catering business as well as helping Gemma develop the innovative Thornham Deli menu.

“I’m not quite in Gemma’s mould when it comes to running the kitchen,” says quietly-spoken Iain, with a grin. “I’m not quite as vocal. But I totally admire her passion for the work and I hope I mirror that. She never stops thinking about ways she can make this place even better. The quality she insists on with every plate of food is such a great example to anyone in the business.

“When you work with someone like Gemma, she really brings out the best in you.”

Iain’s day starts at 7am when he starts work on the pastries, then it is full steam ahead with preparing the food to satisfy the steady stream of customers who come through the door. 

Prior to working at Thornham Deli, Iain worked in a steakhouse and an Italian restaurant. Pasta remains his favourite food to prepare but he also loves the Deli ethos of working with local ingredients. 

As a passionate hockey player with local club Pelicans, Iain is well aware of the importance of team work when it comes to a busy environment. “Our kitchen team has been together for a while now and it shows in the way we cope during the busiest times,” he says. “This weekend [the August bank holiday] was the busiest day ever and yet we just kept smoothly turning plate after plate of excellent food out. That is when you know the team is working well.” 


Opening Times from 3rd May

Monday – Friday
 8.00am – 4.30pm
Hot food until 3.45 every day
Coffee & Cakes served until 5pm

Friday Evenings
6pm  – 7.30pm

Saturday – Sunday
 8.00am – 5.00pm
Hot food until 3.45 every day
Coffee & Cakes served until 5pm