Sharrington asparagus

poached eggs, hollandaise, local marsh pig Parma ham.

Serves 4


2 bunches of Sharrington asparagus

8 slices marsh pig Parma ham

8 eggs

White wine vinegar


Hollandaise sauce

250g clarified butter

6 egg yolks

15ml white wine vinegar

15ml white wine 

Juice of 1 lemon




For the hollandaise

Place vinegar and white wine into a pan bring to the boil,

Place the egg yolks into a large metal bowl over a bain marie and continuously whisk until the egg yolks have reached ribbon stage, slowly add the clarified butter whisking all the time being careful not to add the butter to quickly as this will split the hollandaise, finish with a good squeeze of lemon juice and season.

Place 2 pan of water on stove bring to boil, one for the asparagus and the other add 5ml of white wine vinegar to for the poached eggs

Whisk the poached egg water and crack your eggs into the pan cook for3- 4 minutes for a soft poached egg

Place the asparagus into the other pan and cook for 3-4 minutes 

Place the seasoned asparagus on to the plate, followed by the local Parma ham, then the poached eggs, spoon over the homemade hollandaise.

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